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Drug legalization is an enduring question that presently faces our scholars. This issue embraces two positions: drugs should not be legalized and drugs should be legalized. These two positions contain an array of angles that supports each issue. This brief of the issues enables one to consider the strengths and weakness
Against drugs Essay - Drugs should not be legalized because there would be an increase in drug abuse due to its availability. Legalized drugs would become cheaper and more appealing to people who previously had not tried drugs. Addicts who tend to stop, not by choice, would not stop because drugs would be more
Over the whole United States, the annual tax revenue would be over $46 billion (Drug Policy Alliance). Combined with the savings on law enforcement, legalizing all drugs would add $88 billion to the United States economy per year (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). Some of the collected taxes could go towards
Legalize drugs essays Illegal drugs influence people every day of their lives. ... The United States should consider legalizing drugs and ending drug prohibition. There are several reasons to legalize drugs in the United States. Drugs should be legalized to save money, to make them safer, and to reduce drug-related crime.
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That same year, the eminent economist Milton Friedman published an essay in Newsweek in which he called for legalizing heroin. His argument was on two grounds: as a matter of ethics, the government has no right to tell people not to use heroin (or to drink or to commit suicide); as a matter of economics, the prohibition of
The legalization or decriminalization of drugs would make harmful, psychoactive, and addictive substances affordable, available, convenient, and marketable. It would expand the use of drugs. It would remove the social stigma attached to illicit drug use, and would send a message of tolerance for drug use, especially to
Topic sentences are in green. Possible transition paragraph to introduce three examples is in red. Finally, note this essays strays from the strict patterns I offer for science writing. A gifted writer can always play with the rules to achieve a greater effect. In this essay, I suspect the author himself could tighten his prose to
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